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Miscarriage was a new thing for me, no one I knew had ever mentioned they had one or talked about it. When it happened to me I was overwhelmed; very emotional, confused and I felt very alone. Lori Ann met with me and immediately made me feel better with her caring, understanding and support.

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The gift of the feather angel wings was really the only thing I had to physically hang on to with my loss. No longer feeling isolated has helped me immensely.

The families that spoke that night about there loss and what the program has done for them was incredible! This night was truly amazing, a huge thank you from us to everyone that helped out, donated a dollar value or a silent auction item and to every single person that came to support this amazing program.

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To find more photos from this event please visit the link below:. Angel Whispers Gala Photos. We are proud and honoured to support our Community in as many ways as we can! To find out what other events Straightline Chrysler will be at or if you have something you would like us to be a part of, contact us or come and see us at the dealership! A Masked Night to Remember!

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To find more photos from this event please visit the link below: Angel Whispers Gala Photos We are proud and honoured to support our Community in as many ways as we can! Here is more from on Denton Texas, from that Sierra Club report:. Located in a heavily fracked region with at least gas wells inside the city limits, Denton tried to ban fracking in , only to be overruled at the state level. It is truly remarkable that towns and cities right in the heart of oil and fracking country are moving fast toward wind and solar power. Louis Missouri. Yet local politicians overcame coal industry objections, when the President could not.

Jodie says that is because voters there made it clear: they want clean power. Use the web site readyfor Google has announced a new service that will eventually show the greenhouse gas emissions for every city. So far, they have mounted those graphs and maps for 5 cities, including Buenos Aires, Argentina and four in the United States.

That is a start. But…according to a study released this year by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are still in the top 10 worst carbon polluters in the world, along with Seoul Korea at number one, and Guangzhou, China at number two. It seems like big cities still have a long, long way to go. Los Angeles Mayer Eric Garcetti claimed his city added 29, clean-energy jobs in the last five years. There is a strong case for clean energy conversion — as a boost to American jobs. Too many national governments are stumbling on climate change.

We know Donald Trump has slashed rules meant to protect the climate and withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate agreement. There is backward blustering in Australia and some East European countries. Even in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved a pipeline running from the tar sands to the port of Vancouver.

Apparently big fossil fuel money can buy federal politicians. But local governments have to answer to local voters — and those smaller governments are starting to drive climate action from below.

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  8. That is another whisper of hope. We can study it, or see photos from space, but what is happening in the forest, on the ground? Campbell Plowden knows. He lived in the Peruvian Amazon jungle for a couple of years while getting his Doctorate. Campbell travels there regularly. He knows the people and the reality.

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    Plowden did his PhD study later in life, after a career as an environmental activist for many groups. After that he went deeper into South America with Amazon Watch. Find out more at www. At 18 minutes into the Campbell Plowden interview we learn that global warming is already causing excessive ice melt of glaciers in the Andes.

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    This runoff water is causing flooding further down the mountains to homes, agriculture and infrastructure like roads. Tens of thousands of people were displaced by the extra high floods in the Equitos area of Peru. Peasants with houses of stilts were still inundated.

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    They lost their crops, and so food, and lost forest materials for crafts, and so a source of money. Those waters are the only source of drinking water for many South American cities, including the capital of Bolivia. First the floods, then the permanent drought. Our three strategies are research, community support and education, and we study the ecology and develop the sustainable harvest and marketing of non-timber forest products such as fruits, fibers, resins, and oils. We also work with indigenous and other forest peoples to sustain local resources and support their communities.

    The biggest challenge and opportunity for the Amazon is to transform the vision of development that impacts its water, land, plants, animals and people. The current model promotes the production of mass commodities. The new model needs to focus on sustaining diverse human and other biological communities. One important path to creating a sustainable future for the Amazon is to strengthen its traditional communities. People who have strong cultural identity, secure control of their land, intimate knowledge of their resources, and fair partnerships to develop their local economy will be strong defenders of the rainforest for the benefit of us all.

    The online store. Tambopata: Where forest conservation and opportunity meet. It is time for me to be gone, for this week. Please join the party again next week, on Radio Ecoshock. Tags: alternative energy climate climate change ecology forests global warming radio radio ecoshock science.

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