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Give yourself ample time to plan and prepare for the yard sale. Check the weather.

Then check it again. Ideally, host it on Saturday and Sunday to get the most traffic. Start early. Like 7 AM early. Early birds walking around their neighborhood love to poke around yard sales. Pro Tip: Know when people get paid, and plan accordingly. If most of the people in your neighborhood work for companies that pay them every other Friday, host your yard sale the following weekend.

Do loads of prep work. Grab tables. Find cardboard for signs, and put the signs up a few days ahead of time. Make sure your signs have all the basics:. In addition to physical signs, post on Craigslist, tell all your friends, and write something about it on Facebook. Spreading the word is essential to having a big turnout.

Plus, having more families means you can advertise that on your signs, which is an instant crowd winner. Choose an active residential neighborhood with a mix of ages. Price all your items the day before more on that in section 5.

Your curbside appeal is a major ticket into getting traffic to your sale. Keep an eye on your merchandise. If you have valuables out, make sure someone is watching them at all times. Also, make sure your items are displayed safely. Have some bags on hand.

How to have a successful garage sale

I would like to make some money back from that, but more importantly I want my garage back. So my goal is declutter and hopefully make my money back from the inventory. Pick the right day. In my city, our government workers are on a 4 day work week.

Garage Sale Pricing Guide & Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

This means that most of the successful garage sales start on Friday morning and end Sunday night. My friend lived in a city where Wednesdays were the best day to throw a yard sale. Also consider the time of year. Where I live, summers are brutal. It regularly gets above degrees. As a result, our garage sales do better in Spring and Fall. I know this should be obvious, but I have seen a yard sale thrown in the middle of a snowstorm.

Garage Sale Tips: Have a Successful, Organized Garage Sale

Pick the right time of day. There are a couple of things to consider when picking a time. If most of your cities yard sales are before 7am, you probably want to throw yours around that time.

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If, however you are a night owl like me, getting up that early sounds like torture. No matter what you pick, be on time! And stay open at least as long as your signs and ads say you will be. Okay, not really, this is the most time consuming part of the whole process. But once you get over this hurdle you are over halfway there!

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Before you begin this step have somewhere to store the items until your sale. For me, this is large plastic tubs with lids on my back porch. You should also have a roll of paper towels, a trash bag, some spray cleaner and pricing stickers. You are going to clean and price as you go. I like to start in the back of the house.

The bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. Take a box with you and go through each room starting with the closets. See if they are even worth selling or if they would be better off in the trash. Those hard goods items worth selling should be wiped off, priced immediately and put in the garage sale box. Clothes and stuffed animals that need to be freshened up should be brought to the laundry room.

A quick run through the dryer is usually enough to get musty smells and pet fur off of these items for sale. Anything that requires more work than that should be donated, recycled or thrown out. I like to price in. When deciding on a price for your items, you should keep in mind that people come to garage sales looking for a bargain.

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So if you have any higher end items you might be better off selling them on eBay or at a consignment shop instead. This is the perfect solution if you are just looking to clear out your garage. But you may also want to price some of the quality items a little higher to leave some haggling room.

People LOVE to negotiate prices. I mean, who reads the paper anymore anyway? But you should definitely pick a few places to advertise. Plan to list your garage sale days beforehand. Here are a few places to consider:. Most people understand the importance of having signs for their sales. Related Searches.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Yard Sale - Budget Savvy Diva

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