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October 10 October For La'Rey, the opportunity to stay into her early twenties gives her valuable time to find the forever family. October 3 October 3. Gift of Love: Benjamin Six-year-old Benjamin is a kindergartner with a passion for life.

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Published September 26, at PM. Gift of Love: Legacy Closet provides hundreds of foster children clothing For children who are unexpectedly placed in protective care, the clothes on their backs may be the only thing they have to wear for weeks to come. Published September 19, at PM. Published September 5, at PM. Published August 22, at PM. Fire chief, teacher celebrate adoption of baby boy after infertility "It just felt like it was meant to be, like he was meant to be in our lives," said Alto Kindergarten teacher and new mother Liz Trotty.

Published August 15, at PM.

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Gift of Love: Shyden For a young teen named Shyden, he's anything but shy. He's a year-old with a clear vision of what he wants to be when he grows up. Published August 8, at PM. Gift of Love: Alex For Alex, 15, every day is an adventure. Published August 2, at AM. Gift of Love: Nathan To say 7-year-old Nathan always sees the brighter side would only be scratching the surface. Published July 11, at PM. Gift of Love: Demarcus What began at an elementary school birthday party, ended in the making of a family. Published July 4, at PM. Gift of Love: Therapeutic Foster Families There is a big need for therapeutic foster families in East Texas for foster children with medical needs.

Published May 23, at PM.

Published May 9, at PM. Gift of Love: Noah Noah is looking for the Gift of Love and wants more than anything to find a family that loves to be on the go. Published May 2, at PM. This year-old funny, inquisitive, creative and full of imagination. Destiny is currently in the 5th grade and loves art class. Destiny enjoys playing games, drawing, coloring, doing crafts, skating, going swimming, playing with dolls, helping with cooking and she loves teddy bears.

Destiny also likes to play Published April 25, at PM. Published April 18, at PM. Several organizations are doing their part to help our youngest victims in all sorts of ways. Every day child victims of physical and sexual abuse come through the doors of the Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County. Gift of Love: Justice This 12 year old is a sweet and vivacious child. Her red hair, freckles, and sweet smile are hard to overlook.

Published March 28, at PM. Gift of Love: Randall, Love and Eden These three siblings had a great afternoon bouncing off the floor, walls and every thing else at iJump.

A Gift of Love

Published February 28, at PM. Restaurant Reports: 4 great inspections for area restaurants Four restaurants got excellent scores on their health reports in recent weeks.

The anniversary of his release didn't occur for two more days. That date was etched on her longing heart.

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Then she noticed something else. With unsteady hands, she reached in and withdrew a light green kidskin glove from a recess carved away from the damp. The buttery leather was crushed and worn from incessant handling. Beautiful, unwavering, somber. She laid the box on the bench and tightened her grip on the soft leather until her knuckles whitened.

What was he trying to tell her? What did the rose mean? The glove? Had he carried her glove into his new life like a knight wore his lady's favor into battle? The thought sent choking emotion to her throat. His lordship did all the work. Had drawings and lists of every plant be used and knew exactly where he wanted 'em put.

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  7. Knew all the Latin names of 'em too. Saw that first plan meself with all his notes and jots before he gave me another copy with the common ones writ out so I could tell what they were. He asked me what I thought and if a lady would like it. Says as I thought the Queen herself would approve. Jack had done all this? Had arranged for the planting of this garden months ago before she'd even known about the house? For her! So will you.

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    And is your heart, the spirit and meat of it, chief of dreams, commander pump, a terrible gift for someone loved? Browse By Tag. Love Quotes 74k Life Quotes