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Well, there were certainly lots of parties, attended by Bianca Jagger et al. My favourite story, however, involves the visit to Glen of his aesthete kinsman, Stephen Tennant.

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Uncle Stephen being not at all keen on the purple of the heather, Colin kindly sprinkled the moors with blue paper flowers. She can cope.

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She has a Gypsy caravan into which she can escape when it gets too much — and later, she takes refuge in her duties for Princess Margaret, that great lover of prawn cocktail and Antiques Roadshow. HRH, incidentally, is another of those she insists was great fun, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

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  8. Additionally, she has her stoicism — which is where it all gets interesting. Her first son, Charlie, a heroin addict, dies of hepatitis C. Her second son, Henry, dies of an Aids-related illness at just 29 as a photo caption helpfully reminds us, her husband informed her that Henry was ill just moments before the couple donned fancy dress for the Peacock Ball they were throwing to celebrate his birthday.

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    Her third son, Christopher, following an accident during his gap year, ends up in a coma for four months; it takes him years to learn to walk again. As a girl, Glenconner spent years away from her mother and father, having been evacuated during the war; they left her with a nanny who tied her by the wrists to her bed every night before she went to sleep. But though she remembers vividly the pain this caused her, somehow she cannot avoid visiting on her own children a similar fate.

    Earthy has fled from a hippy camp in a damp corner of Wales. Carol claims to have slept with every man in the world called Dave.

    Belle has a husband, Charlie, who may or may not be real because no one has ever seen him. Joy is married to the appalling Arnold. And Veronica and Poppy try to discover the basis for the love they have for each other.

    The women form a group in which they take turns to teach each other the lessons life has taught them. At the same time, they grow more confident and gradually reveal the secrets of their pasts. And does she care? In the end, the process of discovery reveals a terrible secret which forces the women to decide how much they love each other: how far they can rely upon each other… even when the question is one of murder. It celebrates the courage and beauty of older women.

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    The author is familiar with the subject because he is married to one of them. Jim Williams first hit the news when his early novels had the uncanny knack of coming true. The Hitler Diaries was published nine months before the celebrated forgery came out.

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