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Naked wrestling, self discovery, and more innuendo than Akihito can handle! Akihito, Asami R.

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  • Die Kritik am Historismus in Ibsens Hedda Gabler und in Nietzsches Zweiter Unzeitgemäßer Betrachtung (German Edition).
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The students must use their wits, their newly-acquired skills, and teamwork to defeat the "boss" and escape the dungeon. Luckily, Chat Noir and Ladybug are there to help! Some days it is rigging the Shrieking Shack with alchemical traps, others there are herds of cattle stampeding through the corridor Whatever the case, there are simply too many crazy scenarios to be contained in a single, streamline story. Hostage Situation by Grace-Logan reviews Akihito is taken hostage and Asami heads a play to save his life.

The demands are like all others but will one mistake ruin everything? Akihito] Kirishima, Suoh - Complete. The Butterfly Effect: And the Chamber of Secrets by UnchartedConstellations reviews When Edward and Alphonse Elric are sent to another world with little to no instruction, they have to find a way to survive. After becoming a Hogwarts professor, will Edward figure out what's going on?

Or will their strange effect on this world, planned or not, change everything as they know it. The Combat School by Tsarina Torment reviews Akuma have terrorised the wizarding world for far too long, so a fourth school will be taking part on the Triwizard Tournament - as bodyguards. Beyond the Gate: Edward Elric and the Order of the Phoenix by betsybugaboo reviews After facing the Homunculi, saving Amestris, and sacrificing his alchemy to save his brother, Edward would have never dreamed that the Truth would ask him to save another universe where magic reigns.

Shinichi and Kaito have to push past their first encounter to realize that they still belong together, and they subsequently have to overcome the damage those first words caused. Gate Crasher by SylvanDaggers reviews Ed's attempt at healing himself gave Truth the opportunity to have some fun, which leads to Sirius's early morning coffee being interrupted by a certain blond falling from his ceiling.

Will the wizards be able to find out anything about their mysterious intruder? And how long will it be before the Fullmetal Alchemist can find a way back home? Cosmic Composite by liketolaugh reviews With the entry of metahumans into the public sphere, the fight for basic human rights has begun, and there's more than one interested party.

This is the world that the exorcists are reborn into, as the newest members of the Marvel Universe and the next generation. And things are about to get much more complicated. Eventual canon divergence. Crossover - D. The Road by EsmereldaGaladriel reviews Multiple finders disappear near a small village in Hungary, and a group of four exorcists are dispatched to solve the problem.

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Among these are Daisya Barry and Yuu Kanda, whose stories continue far beyond the precipitating event, and, for better or worse, are the same for quite some time. This chronicles the road that ends in Barcelona for one, and in Bodrum for the other. He just wants to drown his sorrows, but a half-familiar face steals his drink.

Love Like Woe by charlietheepic7 reviews It was a perfectly normal heist That was a bit weird, but when you go to school with a homicidal witch or just recovered from being shrunken by a mysterious poison, you start to take these things in stride. For Shana-Fujioka, in response to her prompt.

They live on forever, but not their Eves. Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own. Lawless and Licht's version is finally here! Burnt by lastcrazyhorn reviews A disabled Harry comes to Hogwarts story. Everyone expects him to be like his dad, but how can he be with such a different past?

A Slytherin Harry takes on Hogwarts in an unusual way. The Moon to My Sun Killugon by Otakuism reviews Gon and Killua reconnect after a year of separation, ready to take on the world as they always had, but some things different from before. Unbridled emotions swarm over their heads, but they just can't figure out what they mean. So, how does it end? And what is the aftermath? Masquerade by Pathless reviews It was a defense mechanism, protection.

Because there was no way Kanda would suffer through that pain again. Hiding under his hood and acting like an average high school student was nothing. If only it weren't for that nuisance, Walker, the seemingly brainless guy that everyone fawned over House Sitting by DarkPhoenix reviews When Allen is all but forced to watch a house for a "friend" of Cross' over the summer, his peaceful days end when he meets his brooding neighbor.

For 3 years he started formulating his plan and searched for strong allies that would aid him to bring down his enemies. Solitude's Light by blue-bunnycat reviews In a world where society is divided into two class systems, it is hard to be born into a class system that is considered to be less than human and treated with nothing but contempt, hatred and discrimination.

Kuroko Tetsuya's existence has been rife with tales of abuse and exploitation. His only hope from this hell are the five names imprinted on his wrist.

MAE TERRA est une marque de UNILEVER (ULVR)

It has a prince with a charming nature, travelling across the landscape, a daring sword fight, and another prince? Love at first sight? Throw in an evil magic user, add in the equally evil but somewhat stupid henchman, and we have your 'normal' fairy tale. Loyal Chevalier by imthepunchlord reviews He loved her more than words could describe. He would do anything for her, absolutely anything.

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He'd even take on the destructive Chat Noir, and answer to the whims of a Butterfly, just to be with her. What other chance did he have? Team Mustang just doesn't know what to do with the general any more. A collection of short stories set during The Path of Flame and its sequels. The Children of Snakes by QueenStrata reviews Harry is getting ready to return for his second year at Hogwarts, but things start to go wrong before he even leaves for England. Between crazed house elves, ridiculous Gryffindors, and a startlingly incompetent and creepy teacher, he's starting to wish he'd just stayed home.

Jail Birds by Fallingthroughthefolds reviews When Allen's sentenced to 4 years of jail time at the Black Order Institution for Punishment and Corrections he's stuck sharing a cell with the murderous Kanda Yuu but as they fight together to survive the strict warden, a mean main officer, and the other prisoners will they figure out each other's feelings? Over the Wall by imthepunchlord reviews The accident, while unintentional, was costly.

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For her wrong doings against Chloe, Marinette is sent over the wall to die. But instead of death, she winds up in a strange, unnerving world. Good thing she'll have a cat to watch her back in this bizarre place. Penumbra by Luna Darkside reviews Shinichi accidentally writes a bestselling romance novel. Curiosity and Satisfaction by imthepunchlord reviews When Adrien agreed to this line of work, he thought all his focus would be on the job of catching the elusive Lady Luck. It never crossed his mind that someone else would catch his attention.

Marichat, Enemy AU. When Kanda Gets Sick by K. Fang-sama reviews An AU story about Kanda.

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  6. The title should explain the rest. Shinichi is his longsuffering personal assistant. Especially when the topic is whom Kudou Shinichi should date. Scripted by tastewithouttalent reviews "Victories are vanishingly rare, total ones more so, and Lawless likes to reward himself whenever he attains one of the latter. My Soul Carries Me to the Stars by Lupa Altre reviews In a world where ones soul manifests as a pair of wings, Alphas, Betas, and Omegas make up the population along with a fourth class, the Outliers , everyone is overpowered, and Kuroko is ridiculous even by their standards.

    For the Canterbury pilgrimage was also part of a much larger pattern, the microcosm of its macrocosm.

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    Initially, in Christendom, there was not the need to journey to a specific shrine, but instead of expiating crimes by exile. Such pilgrim exiles, even if they were murderers, by canon law, were garbed distinctively, were to be housed and given bread and water for twenty-four hours, and were to be treated as if they were Christ in disguise. Our modern hospitals began in response to the need to nurse sick and dying pilgrims as a Christian act of mercy.

    Journeying to Jerusalem and Rome as sacred places of Christ and his saints made sense and such pilgrimages were frequently performed even by women such as Helena of York, Egeria of Spain, Guthrithyr of Iceland, Birgitta of Sweden and Margery Kempe. But why also Compostela and Canterbury? Islam had overrun Spain and Saracens had journeyed on haj to Cordova, as today they do to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

    The two pilgriamges to Compostela and Canterbury, like the others, were figures of liberation. A further Jerusalem substitute or rather palimpsest of a Jerusalem upon a European city was Canterbury in England. The iconography of Thomas' Christ-mirroring martyrdom is to be found throughout Europe.

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