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Nick Van Mead. Lores became mayor after 12 years in opposition, and within a month had pedestrianised all , sq m of the medieval centre, paving the streets with granite flagstones.

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It was a city in decline, polluted, and there were a lot of traffic accidents. It was stagnant.

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Most people who had a chance to leave did so. Instead we decided to take back the public space for the residents and to do this we decided to get rid of cars. They stopped cars crossing the city and got rid of street parking, as people looking for a place to park is what causes the most congestion.

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They closed all surface car parks in the city centre and opened underground ones and others on the periphery, with 1, free places. The benefits are numerous. On the same streets where 30 people died in traffic accidents from to , only three died in the subsequent 10 years, and none since Lores, a member of the leftwing Galician Nationalist Bloc, is a rarity in the solidly conservative northwestern region.

However, the mayor says Rajoy has never shown any interest in an urban scheme that has earned his native city numerous awards. And the same shopkeepers who complain are the ones who have survived in spite of the crisis. They do it less now. I hardly use my car at all now. Please share your reflections with us using this form , or on social media with the hashtag GuardianWalking.

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Follow us on Facebook , on Twitter and Instagram. Show Hide As cities around the world close central streets to cars to mark World Car-Free Day , Guardian Cities is looking at the joys and trials of urban walking.

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