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The sexy lawyer refuses to settle for anything less than reuniting mother and daughter, but the deeper he digs, the Safe in His Arms Manhunt Book 1. A woman on the run, an ex-husband who will do anything to find her, a Texas Ranger who will kill to save her… Mia Matthews barely escaped with her life when she tried to leave her abusive husband Geoffrey.

Husband Hunting Avoid commitaphobics! Zachary West knows all the ploys women use to trap a man into marriage and he is not falling for any of them. For twenty-five years, the mystery of the missing Darling sisters has gone unsolved. Now it's time for answers Traumatized as a child when she witnessed a grisly murder, Marilyn Ellis kept silent for fear she and her mother would become targets of a cold-blooded killer.

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But guilt and nightmares have plagued her ever since that His search for the Darling sisters leads to Danger brought them together. Will the truth tear them apart? Melissa Gentry lost her family years ago. Now a shoot-out at work has put her own life in danger. With Dex suddenly back, asking for her help, Melissa One man wants to kill her Special Agent Liz Lucas has been on leave, recovering from the Journalist Brenda Banks is on the verge of the biggest story of her career—if she can stay alive long enough to finish it.

A serial killer is targeting men in the small town of Slaughter Creek, leaving behind a twisted trail of clues meant only for Brenda. A young woman lies dead at the bottom of a waterfall, dressed in a wedding gown with a rose stem jammed down her throat. And in the small town of Graveyard Falls, the horrifying vision stirs a long-ago nightmare back to life. Everything she believes is a lie.

Amelia Nettleton has struggled to overcome her childhood trauma and finally has a chance to lead a normal life—a life with a husband and a family. But a recurring nightmare haunts her: she dreams of a baby crying for its mother Six years ago, special Josie DuKane is on shaky ground. Now the book is being made into a movie, and Josie must visit the very place that will trigger an avalanche of unwanted memories—Graveyard Falls.

On the heels of her arrival, she receives a When a violent storm hits Graveyard Falls, it unearths the unimaginable: skeletons of teenage girls, each dressed in white and holding a candle. She has no FBI agent Lucas Hawk Tinsley Jensen survived the torturous clutches of an elusive masked killer dubbed the Skull, only to be held hostage by her nightmares. A missing sister, a murdered father and a dangerous reunion years in the making.

The last place Honey Granger wants to be is Tumbleweed, Texas—the judgmental town that made her childhood a living hell. But when Sheriff Harrison Hawk informs her that her alcoholic father has been murdered, she reluctantly joins his investigation.

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He was from a different world. But when the ranch's patriarch dies unexpectedly, Roan suspects foul play. And so does Dr. Megan Lail. Roan has been trying to avoid the beautiful medical examiner since the one Bed of Roses. But her pleasure dies when she opens the box to find a dozen dead roses. And when the black roses keep coming, Jude begins to fear the only kiss she's going to get for She will do anything to escape her ex-husband He will do anything to find her And Texas Ranger Sgt.

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Alex Townsend will do anything to save her Even if it means giving up his life. Hired by the McCullen family, who believe Cash Koker to be their lost brother, BJ commits to the case—and vows not to become entangled with her Last Kiss Goodbye. Fearful yet determined, Ivy Stanton returns to the small Appalachian town she left fifteen years ago…the night her parents were murdered. But in coming home to Kudzu Hollow, she discovers she is not alone in her search for the truth: Matt Mahoney Soulless Demonborn Book 3.

A man fighting for his soul — a woman fighting for her life —A demon who will do anything to destroy them…Sheriff Dante Valtrez was separated from his brothers as a child for one reason — because together they have the power to do great good — or extraordinary evil. But now a diabolical serial killer is sadistically murdering Categories: All Horror; All Romance.

Unfortunately, Aspen had no memory of him, the murder she'd witnessed, or that he could be the father of her infant son. So, as much as he wanted to hold her and demand answers, her safety came first.

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Heartless Demonborn Book 1. By Aria Grace. HeartsBlood, A manfrom another universe is about to rock hers. With Blood Magic. She survived the bus accident that left several dead and two missing, but the severe trauma left her with amnesia.

I've been reading her for years and I'm hooked on this series. Fair warning, this is a gritty suspense novel but you won't want to miss it! Mindless Demonborn Book 2. But a sinister force is stalking the South, one that he senses may be part of his own dark legacy. And he will do anything to destroy it… Anything The Texas Ranger Say You Love Me. A columnist for the Big Easy's hottest erotic magazine,Britta Berger has heard her share of wild, hidden desires. Now someone from her past has returned to play amerciless game.

And only one man can help Could a kidnapping finally lead to the last McCullen finding his way home? If there's one thing Special Agent Ryder Banks hates, it's handcuffing a woman. Determined to find her baby, the pretty single mom agrees to ditch the gun and work undercover After a successful career as a Texas rodeo champ, Johnny Long quit living on the wild side. Now he was devoted to a cause he understood all too well: giving kids a second chance.

But when he hires a mysterious woman, Johnny knows trouble has reentered his life. Not only is Rachel Presley beautiful, but the fear in her eyes—and in Those men are mostly just scared of dying.

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Jaxon Ward understands that, but as a Texas Ranger he needs to uphold the law. They shared a disdain for local law enforcement, the same folks who'd hindered Sage's efforts to find Can Texas Ranger Micah Hardin, the man who saved her once, protect her again?

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Or will he die trying? The Bachelor Pact. Overview: Three men sworn to bachelor hood meet their matches in this trilogy about friendships, family and love! Marry Me, Maddie -- When Maddie is dumped on television, her brothers' best friend is enlisted to babysit her - but will they fall in love?

Sleepless in Savannah -- a dating game show goes awry and forces Detective Caleb Walker had taken on some tough cases for Guardian Angel Investigations, but when Madelyn Andrews came to him, claiming that her five-year-old daughter was able to "communicate" with her twin sister who'd never made it home from the hospital, Caleb was skeptical. One glimpse at the beautiful single mother, though, and he The dress was ready, the church booked.

Then the hope chest arrived… This couldn't be happening to her! Barefoot and Pregnant? Colleen Faulkner. The Mighty Quinns: Rogan. Kate Hoffmann. Charlene Sands. Nikita Lynnette Nichols.

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Soft Spot. Amy Knupp. Kathi Nidd.