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10 Dynamic Warm Up Exercises for Youth Athletes

But aqua jogging can burn over 11 calories a minute, giving you a better workout. The extra pressure of the water on your legs also pushes more blood back up into the top half of your body. This makes your heart work harder, raising your heartbeat and burning even more calories during your water workout. However, it is still important to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your workout to make sure you are not risking dehydration. You may be more dehydrated than you realise because the water has been keeping you cool.

Your instructor will be able to advise you on the right amount to drink. Aqua-exercises are ideal for somebody returning to exercising after an injury or a long period of inactivity because they are so gentle on your joints. They are also recommended for older people as the water gives them greater movement and flexibility than they would have on dry land. New mums and those with lower back problems can also benefit from aqua-exercises as the water supports them, taking pressure off the spine.

You do not have to be an Olympic swimmer to take part in aqua-exercises either. The majority of aqua-exercises take place in water no deeper than chest height and your feet will always be able to touch the floor. Some of the exercises could even help boost your confidence in the water, improving your swimming technique. If you are pregnant or suffer from arthritis, you must mention this to your instructor before beginning any aqua-exercises.

Pregnancy can cause some of the joints to become more mobile - particularly in the pelvis - so you can injure yourself if you are not careful. Arthritis sufferers can also damage their joints if they push them too strenuously.

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If you are starting a new exercise regime, it is important to see your doctor for a check up. They will advise you of any problems or risks you could face in your new exercise regime. No comments have so far been submitted.

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    I could never build muscle but I believe the smoking prevented that even though I was cycling and swimming and kayaking. It's true smoking stunted my growth. Now I'm going to prove that. For a complete guide to Walking Bass Lines be sure to check out the full course here. You can also download the pdf of this line here. As I mentioned this is a very simple line using only a couple of basic repeating melodic patterns. Once you have those patterns under your fingers you can start to experiment and add more and more figures on the fly as your vocabulary develops. Autumn Leaves is pretty straightforward in that we have two main tonal centers, one in Bb major and then another in the relative minor key of G minor.

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    For the descending line I come down through the appropriate scale. If we look at the Bbmaj7 I descend through the notes of the Bb major scale. This leads us smoothly into the next chord of Ebmaj7.

    The two scale patterns work through most of the chords in Autumn Leaves because there is so much movement by 4th. However there are a few basic exceptions. In bar 16 we also have Gm7 moving to Am7b5. This is movement of a 2nd so we need another line. I opted to use a basic chromatic approach :.