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Thanks for the support - that sound great using complete server distro with complete forum - then i only need to learn how to costumize - if i understand all correct. The reason i want to run a forum from home - first is my hobby and i like to learn more about Ubuntu and i like to fix and try new things. I just tought it was a cool idea running my own forum from home with my own server. Now i find a great Ngnix web server howto - so i might try that to start my own web page running from home with my own server - The configuration getting up and running with Ngnix web server does not seam to be to complicated.

Now i have two projects - Forum and Web server. I am pretty sure that other then me with little coding skills and programming want to learn more and do cool stuff like running own server from home.

Re: Is it possibal to run server from home with own forum on it?

Many Thanks Patrik. June 2nd, 7. I am not sure it's a good choice.

CloudFlare Tips: Using CloudFlare for your forums

June 2nd, 8. Another vote for Simple Machines Forum. If you ask for help, do not abandon your request. Please have the courtesy to check for responses and thank the people who helped you. June 2nd, 9. I will buy a computer that will run as server - but for now - when learning i will try to set up MyBB forum with my laptop.

So i might tweak it or change common settings to secure the MyBB forum. Will test it with free.

TK domain June 2nd, I run the MyBB and notice some questions and fields that i don't know what to type. Step 1: This i understand Step 2: This i understand Step 3: This i understand Step 4: This i understand Step 5: This i understand Step 6: This i understand Step 7: This i not understand - i understand the field with my user name and password - but not what to type in the field "smtp host" and "smtp port" and what kind of "secure connection" to pick.

How To Make A Forum With Wordpress 2018 - Free Forum Website

And this is the last step in the installation guide. We're using a modern, actively developed forum software. Numbers confirm that our user engagement skyrocketed and there was not a single comment from our users that would say that the old forums were better which, I think, speaks for itself. The migration process was surprisingly simple, and customizing the colors and icons was painless.

The UI is great, our users really like it, and the performance is excellent.

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  • There are plenty of reasons to use MyBB, but these are some of our favorites..

NodeBB makes GDPR compliance exceedingly simple, everything is mobile and SEO-friendly out of the box, and general maintenance is a lot easier compared to our old forum. As a bonus, the NodeBB support team is available whenever we run into trouble.

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Want to get your forum going right away without any set-up hassles? Our monthly hosting plans are for you. Looking for a customized, high-performance forum that integrates with your existing infrastructure?

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