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She could not complete her development on the oedipal level, although she loved her father dearly, because identification with her mother meant further threat to an identity already weakened at the separation-individuation phase of development. Virginia's solution was to identify with her father in his character, his sexual identity, and his profession.

Stephen, who was particularly devoted to Virginia, whom he regarded as an extension of himself, encouraged this identification, and served as her teacher and mentor. In that sense, he truly was the captain of the ship in her voyage To the Lighthouse, master of the currents that swept her onward to the grand light of her genius. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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Be diligent in the small things and the bigger things will follow. Josh Dirks Co-Founder and CEO Project Bionic I mentor student entrepreneurs because I had the incredible honor of being mentored by many great people throughout my life and giving back now is one of the most rewarding things I get to do.

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The one thing people should know about me is… I have had a front-row seat to the internet marketing industry rise and have a deep understanding of how marketing in these arenas can impact a company or organization. I manage everyday stress by… Setting the tone for my day with a routine of stretching, meditation, prayer, and journaling all before 6AM. Share Post:. Gandhi: I know a way out of Hell.

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Find a child, a child whose mother and father have been killed and raise him as your own. Only be sure that he is a Muslim and that you raise him as one. In modern Western society, as we know, there is no forgiveness for child killers. He offered him a lifeline by giving him a chance at redemption.

And he did it in a way in which the man would learn a huge lesson and grow as a human being. We innocently make a seemingly offhanded remark to someone we love, but it turns out to be earthshattering to them. He had been spending time with Kasturba, his wife, along with other students, teaching them how to write.

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As Basu tells it:. She wrote each letter of the alphabet separately and the spacing between the letters was irregular. Gandhi tried to improve this and advised her to practice writing.

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Everyone had asked for a notebook and Kasturba also asked for one. Gandhi gave her a loose sheaf of papers and told her that she could have a notebook when her writing improved. She was deeply hurt. Sarojini Naidu sent for a notebook and Sushila took it to Kasturba who refused to take it and quietly went and kept it among Gandhi's books. Everyone, including Gandhi who realized his mistake, tried to persuade her to write in the notebook, but she replied in a dignified manner, "What do I need a notebook for?


There are numerous accounts that Kasturba never got over the notebook incident. And that Gandhi never quite came to terms with his reckless handling of the situation, the part he played in her diminished self-belief , or her lack of forgiveness.

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  • But one thing is for sure, he learned from the experience. And this man, who had already shown a monumental outpouring of compassion and forgiveness to the world, relearned how powerful forgiveness really is for both the victim and victimizer. And I can certainly think of a few people who I should call and forgive.