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Remember: your furnace has to heat up first before the blower comes on. So, be patient. Keep your thermostat user guide stored near the thermostat. That way, you can consult its troubleshooting section when a start-up problem happens. If your thermostat is battery operated, the cells may be dead. Many programmable thermostats feature a flashing "low battery" icon on their control screen.

Heat pump vs furnace. Compare the pros and cons.

If you see a "low battery" warning, put in fresh batteries. If your thermostat is working, see if your furnace power switch is off. Look for the switch mounted on the side of the furnace. It may also be a simple light switch on the wall.

8 Reasons Your Heat Won’t Turn On

Some furnaces have a switch with a fuse. If so, replace it and turn the switch back on or hire a professional to help.

If the switch is on, but your furnace is still not working, check to see if you have a tripped breaker. If not, look for a tripped breaker and reset it, if you can. If your furnace now has power, congratulations. Check to see if your panel door is secure. If you have a gas furnace, the pilot light must be on for it to work. Lighting a pilot light can be dangerous.

Dirty and clogged furnace filters are a common problem.

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Air filters trap dust, hair, and other particles. If not changed regularly, they can restrict air flowing through your furnace system.

Furnace Not Working? Troubleshoot These 10 Things | Enercare

Heat and pressure can build up to dangerous levels. Newer models have detectors that keep the furnace from operating if the filters are clogged. Clogged filters also restrict airflow. Your furnace can be heating air, but not be able to transfer it.

"Why is My Furnace Blowing Lukewarm Air?"

Change the filters and see if that solves the problem. If the same issue occurred with the previous thermostat, then the problem is most likely with your furnace.

Home Air Quality

Call a professional HVAC contractor if the above steps do not solve the issue. Thanks for your feedback! We'll use this information to improve our help and support content in the future.

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Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air - Explained - Repair and Replace

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