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And with a snap general election looming, there may actually be some mileage in blasting this through your loud speakers on a spaced out walk through your local park. Tina Fey immortalised this track as the Mean Girls anthem.


Judging by the release of this Coasters cover shortly afterwards, Ray Charles probably had one thing on his mind when he was released from prison. Got work in the day?

No problem. Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Known For. Furious 7 Soundtrack. Suicide Squad Soundtrack.

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Vampire Academy Soundtrack. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Soundtrack. Swae Lee Charlie Puth Whiz Khalifa". Fall Out Boy This Month May Sage the Gemeni and Lookas Mitch - Episode 1. Mitch voice. But then she discovers the lighter at the scene of a grisly murder…. The cigarette lighter motif, the car journey in the dark, the use of colour throughout — we know things are building to a horrible realisation for Helene. Les Valseuses starts with a pure s Benny Hill vibe to it, with cheeky music and deliberately comic angles as two petty criminals in a shopping trolley chase a portly middle-aged lady down the street and poke her bottom.

But then we see her terror as they corner her and molest her, and we realise this is not Benny Hill territory at all. This is the darker, nastier side of the sex comedy, and as a viewer you feel strangely ambiguous about it. You should hate it, but you watch it, and you laugh. They are clownish, charismatic, sometimes caring. Then his cancer, in human embodiment, knocks on the door and comes to visit. His work remains as interesting and divisive as ever. This is a really short film — nine minutes long.

You see the road unfold before you as you rush past landmarks and wind your way up to Montmartre. And at the end of the journey waits a good reason for breaking the speed limit and ignoring the red lights. A mystique has built up around the movie for these reasons, but another really good reason to watch it is that it brings Paris to life in a way that no other film has managed. Movies based on theatrical plays often struggle to transcend the fixed structure of the stage.

That static look on screen is a giveaway in such films as Dial M For Murder and Sleuth , which are great films, but have a staged quality to them.

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The camera often has a fixed point, and the actors walk in and out of shot. Everything is a performance for lovers Renato Ugo Tognazzi and Albin Michel Serrault ; one is the owner of a cabaret show and the other is the outrageous star turn. Only when they try to cover it up for the sake of their son do they become unhappy. It has a powerful message wrapped in a light-hearted comedy, and the message of acceptance endures. But why watch a pale imitation, when you can go straight to the diamond-studded star of the cabaret?

Everything is big: the landscape, the performances, the weather, and the arc of the plot.

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His own open, enthusiastic nature is his fatal flaw. Provence is the setting for the film, and the beauty of it is as much of a feature as the story, taken from a novel by Marcel Pagnol. A marked increase in tourism to the area was considered to be as a direct result of the international success of the film.

But you knew that already, right? Cyrano was a real person about whom untrue stories have sprung up over time, although, to be fair, he does appear to have a pretty big nose in portraits from the 17th century. There are a number of Hollywood versions of Cyrano De Bergerac. Nikita is a young woman with no future.

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Drug-addicted, despairing, she kills others and instead of being sent to jail is inducted into a government training programme — to hone her skills as a killer into a usable weapon for those in charge. What a stylish movie Nikita is, but with real substance. Underneath the style there is the growing realisation that there should be more to life than what society demands of her.

She is given a cover story, a flat, money, and in living that normal life she discovers she wants love, and hope. A future without killing. I think sometimes the coolness of Nikita is remembered more than the message. And the soundtrack, by Eric Serra, is perfect. It asks the question — is it possible to be truly free from the past, and from the emotions that are provoked by other people?

Julie struggles to unchain herself from her grief, but the people who surround her tie her to the world, and to her loss. That tie is represented symbolically throughout the film, and the use of colour and music brings a new level of artistic meaning. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet creates a sense of fun and hopefulness for the future in this tale of a young woman who devotes her life to helping others. Idiosyncrasies are cherished, and weirdnesses celebrated, and Audrey Tautou defines adorable for a whole new generation.

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