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To learn how to opt out of cookies, please visit this site. Ne me demandez-vous pas la raison de cet ordre? Don't you ask me the reason of that order? Pourquoi me demandez-vous l'adresse e-mail de mes parents?

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Why do you ask for my parents' email address? Ahjussi, why are you asking me this? Que me demandez-vous de faire, Bill?

What are you asking me to do, Bill? Quel message me demandez-vous de faire passer, Paul? What message are you asking me to send, Paul? Pourquoi ne me demandez-vous pas ce que vous voulez vraiment savoir? Why don't you ask me what you really want to know? Monsieur, me demandez-vous de recommencer a voir votre fille? Hennessy, are you asking me to get back together with your daughter? Why don't you ask me that later? If my friends are safe, why are you asking me?

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Lewis, me demandez-vous de sortir avec vous? Lewis, are you asking me out on a date? Pourquoi ne me demandez-vous pas comment Mlle Shayne est venue me voir, demander une aide juridique tandis qu'elle gardait en secret l'existence de mon fils?

Translation of "demandez-lui de venir" in English

Why don't you ask me how miss Shayne came to me for legal help while keeping the existence of my son a secret? Lachie, are you asking me to marry you, because you think you owe me something? Why would you ask me to lay aside the honour of my father, my family? Que me demandez-vous de faire? What are you asking me to do, stop writing or write what I don't believe?

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Me demandez-vous de renier mes principes?