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The earth at the centre of the world. Ixx ObUquity of zones. InequaUty of cUmates. Ixxii EcUpses — where invisible, and why? Ixxiii Reason for dayUght on earth ; gnomonics of dayUght. Absence of shadows — where and when? Where days are longest and shortest? Ixxviii The first clock. Ixxix How days are observed. Ixxx Racial difference and latitude. Ixxxi-vi Earthquakes. Precautions against impending earthquakes. Records of unique earth portents. Marvels of earthquake. Ixxxvii-xciv Retreat of sea, where occurred?

Emergence of islands — reason for; instances and dates of. Qua ratione aestus maris accedant et recedant.

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Ex auctoribus : M. Tuberone, Tulho Tirone, L. Pisone, T. Libro III. Junction of islands with main- land. Total inundation. Shrinkage of land areas. Cities engulfed by sea.

Islands in constant agitation. Rise and fall of tides — reason for. Where do irregular tides occur?

Book III. Summa: oppida et gentes.

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Summa: flumina clara. Summa: montes clari. Summa: insulae.

Read e-book Cracks in the Pillars (Terra Inferus Book 3)

Siunma : quae intercidere oppida aut gentes. Summa : res et historiae et observationes. Livio, Catone censorio, M. Agrippa, M. Pisone, GelUano, Valeriano.

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Libro IV. Daciae, Sarmatiae, Scythiae, xxvii insularum Ponti, xxviii f. Totals : ". Book IV. Contents : sites, races, seas, towns, harbours, mountains, rivers, dimensions, present and past populations of i-iv Epirus, v— x Achaia, xi-xiii Greece, xiv-xviii Thessaly, Magnesia, Macedonia, Thrace, xix-xxiii islands off these coasts, including Crete, Euboea, the Cyclades, the Sporades, xxiv DardaneUes, Black Sea, Sea of Azov, xxv f. Simmia : flumina clara. Summa : montium clari.

Sununa : insulae. Summa : quae intercidere oppida aut gentes. Summa : res, historiae et observationes. Ex auctoribus : Catone censorio, M. Varrone, M. Libro V. Book V. Summa: flumina clara ,. Summa : quae inter- cidere oppida aut gentes. Ex auctoribus : Agrippa, Suetonio Paulino, M.

Libro VI. Totals :. Terrae per mensuras conparatae, digestio terrarum in parallelos et umbras pares. Summa : flumina clara CXV. Summa : quae intercidere oppida aut gentes XCV.

Ex auctoribus: M. Livio fiUo, Seneca, Nigidio.


Libro VII. Lands compared by measure- ments, division of lands into parallels and equal shadows. Totals : towns ; races, famous rivers, 38 famous mountains, islands, 95 extinct towns and races ; facts and investigations and observations. Book VII.

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Contents: ii f. Ilemarkable racial bodily configurations ; monstrous births. Historica circa infantes. Magnitu- dinum exempla. Praeproperi infantes. Quos dii felicissimos iudicaverint ; quem viventem ut deum coU iusserint. Fulgur mirabile. Instances of exceptional size. Premature births.